When it comes to music-focused movies, Rocketman follows the footsteps of last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody who garnered a lot of success. And it’s also the same thing for this movie as well thanks to its choice of cast and beautiful storytelling that’s true to the original Rocketman himself. Rocketman is a full-blown musical, which is not very evident in the trailer.


  • The movie is about Elton John and how he honed his way to becoming an icon of music. At a young age, he lived with his mother Sheila, portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard, and his grandmother Ivy, portrayed by Gemma Jones, and also his father Stanley, played by Steven Mackintosh. Young Reggie (Elton’s real name) didn’t receive much affection throughout his life, and it’s only his grandmother Ivy who encourages him to continue. But when Reggie discovers music, he was able to find his voice and became the icon we know and love. However, as he grew older, Reggie was tied into his alcoholic ways and drug use, which led to a series of toxic relationships that challenges his career.

For those who don’t know, the movie is R-rated because of drug use and inappropriate relationships with Elton’s love affairs. Not to mention, his hatred towards himself at the peak of his career, which led to self-destruction.

Director Dexter Fletcher successfully portrayed Rocketman and stayed true to the original man himself. It also features Elton John’s popular songs as well and adequately executed how his life was during at a young age. In the narrative side of things, everything was going seamless that won’t bore the hell out of you.

Not to mention, the execution of the song choice and editing. A great example is a scene where tween Reggie sings “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” which transitions from the tween Reggie into the grown version of Reggie seamlessly.

Rocketman is a movie that will make you feel mixed emotions. Of course, it’s not a movie for everyone, especially those who don’t know the icon and those who are not into musicals. There are funny moments and also sad ones that can make you bawl your eyes out. It’s a tragic movie that deals with flawed families, and the portrayal of self-destruction can really touch your emotions.


  • Rocketman is a spectacular movie that stays true of the music icon. It shows all the highs and lows of Elton John’s life and career. Taron Egerton also did a remarkable job at portraying Elton John himself, what’s even better is that he does his own singing as well. Bryce Dallas Howard also did a pretty good job on portraying as Elton’s miserable mother. And it’s the relationship between the two that really shaped Elton John to become what he was known for in the music industry. It’s a musical you don’t want to miss.