I Am Mother is an independent film that premiered in the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Luckily, because of its positive reviews, the film is now available to stream on Netflix. Directed by Grant Sputore, I Am Mother is his first feature-length film that delivers high ambitions but failed to execute on making it an exciting sci-fi film. However, the final product is still enjoyable to watch hence its negative sides.


  • Humanity has gone extinct because of a mysterious event that triggered to the awakening of “Mother” (voiced by Rose Byrne), a robot whose mission is to repopulate the earth thanks to the thousands of human embryos that are stored in a facility. To perfect her parenting style, she raised a girl named “Daughter” (portrayed by Clara Rugaard). It perfectly went well at first, but as soon as Daughter turned into a teenager, this is where things start to go down.

The relationship between the two is what will keep audiences to stay on their seats thanks to the character development that was done pretty well. However, it all boils down to how Daughter was written. In the movie, Daughter became bored with her existence and decided to rebel against her own people. It sounds impressive on paper, but the execution of the screenplay felt a bit mediocre, especially Rugaard who only delivered a solid performance on the character.

Setting the negativity aside, I Am Mother was praised mostly of its technical aspects. Thanks to Sputore’s directing skills with the help of his assistant production designer Hugh Bateup and cinematographer Steve Annis. The visuals are stunning despite of the film’s limited budget. And streaming I Am Mother on an HDTV is pleasant to watch. The special effects on Mother were astonishing that it felt like a huge blockbuster. Smalltime director Sputore has outdone itself on the directing department as well, and he’s willing to commit to more ambitious titles in the future if given a chance.

The cast of I Am Mother is not that extensive. Byrne has done an outstanding job on voicing Mother that made her feel human at some times without losing the fact that she’s only an A.I. Ruugard also showed a great job as Daughter as well, but a little improvement could be better.


  • Sci-fi lovers will definitely appreciate this little masterpiece despite its small shortcomings. Putting it on Netflix instead of releasing it directly to theatres is the right choice for this film to build an audience from the start, avoiding competition in the already oversaturated market in the film industry. After all, I Am Mother is a robust feature film you don’t want to miss.