Developed by James Gunn and his family, Brightburn is a pretty ambitious title that didn’t deliver to what’s promised. The film was supposed to be released back then in November but was delayed when Disney fired Gunn from the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy. Because of this, Brightburn wasn’t adequately promoted, and he even refused to show it at San Diego’s Comic-Con last year and just kept silent about it.

The movie sounds impressive on paper, but once you see it in motion, you will be disappointed that it’s too far from what you expected. Brightburn is a thriller-horror film that fails to deliver what it feels like to be a villain or a superhero that uses its powers in the wrong thing.


  • Married couple Tori (portrayed by Elizabeth Banks), and Kyle Brryer (David Denman) lived in a small town in Brightburn, Kansas. One night, a mysterious pod landed from the sky and crashed near their home. What they found inside was an infant, not knowing where it came from. Failing to have a child, the couple decided to adopt the infant and named it Brandon. Ten years later, Brandon lived a life just like a normal human being. He was able to make friends and even excel at his classes. But it all went down during his twelfth birthday where Brandon discovered that he has superpowers. Not knowing why he had these abilities, he then began to use them for evil and became a reckless killing machine.

Brightburn was written by James brother Brian, his cousin Mark, and was directed by David Yarovesky who was also the director of “The Hive.” What went wrong is that Brightburn failed to explore what it’s like to become a superhero or villain. It even falls short on how parenting was played out, especially when your child has superpowers to begin with.

The issue is more prominent in the script where character development was lackluster. It turned Brandon to be an evil entity in the cheapest way as possible by hearing voices only him can hear that’s coming from his pod. The “hearing voices” thing was already used a lot of times, especially in horror-thriller films and we’re hoping that Brightburn has something fresh up their sleeves, but we were left with disappointment instead. However, the cast has done an excellent job on portraying each of their characters which makes up to the terrible story writing.

On the bright side, Brightburn has done an excellent job, especially in the directing and editing department. It shows Brandon hunting his victims in the most creative yet gruesome ways as possible, and then killing them brutally that will keep you holding on to your seats. Not to mention, the use of camera angles and lighting that create a suspenseful atmosphere despite the film’s limited budget.


  • Although lacking in proper story writing, it excelled in the visual department which was executed correctly in the most exciting way possible. If you’re a fan of James Gunn and his previous films, then you should give Brightburn a go, although not necessarily on theatres if you don’t want to waste your money on something that you would regret. Just wait for a DVD release and then you’re good. A Brightburn sequel may be possible, and here’s hoping that it’s better than what we got at the moment.