2013’s massive horror-hit “Conjuring” has seen several sequels and prequels, turning it into a cinematic Universe just like Marvel’s. This kind of approach keeps the audience engaged, wanting for more, as well as creating a fan-base for the cinematic universe itself. It also allows writers to create stories that will connect to each film, making them a branch to each and one another.

The first Annabelle film was highly anticipated, which is then destroyed by poor storytelling. The second one was a bit of an improvement but still lacking. But things have changed with Annabelle Comes Home as it gives a breath of fresh air to the series thanks to its better-written characters and plenty of scares that can keep you awake. Gary Dauberman is the director of the third Annabelle film (who is only a writer of the previous Annabelle films), and it is an exciting debut for a first-timer like him where his movie was well-received by many.

The movie takes place between Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2. As seen in the second Annabelle movie, the doll was locked up in an artifact room inside a house. However, this doesn’t stop the doll from unleashing its inner hell as she seeks revenge.

The movie begins where the doll was captured by the Warrens and then centers on their daughter Judy, which is portrayed by Mckenna Grace. Life is a bit hard for her as a newspaper exposes what her parents do for a living. What’s even worse is that her birthday is coming up, which will definitely result in a ruckus where she expects it to be a blast. However, thanks to her babysitter Marry Ellen, portrayed by Madison Iseman, she learned how to be strong no matter how tough her situation is.

But it all went down where the Warrens go out of a town for a night, where Judy and Mary Ellen was left in the house. To accompany the two, Mary Ellen herself invited her best friend Daniela, portrayed by Katie Sarife, to stay over with them. With Daniela’s curious nature, she sneaked into the artifact room where Annabelle was contained, surprised where there is a big warning sign on the glass where Annabelle is. The artifact room is like an engine, where Annabelle acts as the battery. Once opened, it led to a series of unfortunate and ghastly events. And it’s up to Judy, Mary Ellen, and Daniella to stop her before it’s too late.

What makes it different from its predecessors is the lighter tone of the movie. Off course, we’re not saying that you will be laughing the whole time or finding Annabelle cute despite its appearance. What it does is that it generates post-scream laughs making it a smart move despite the film’s monster-infested storyline. It’s a different approach from the usual horror films that will give you nightmares. This film is for those who enjoy horror movies while wanting to have a good night sleep after seeing such. Of course, there are also new “monsters” that were introduced in the movie, which makes it a perfect opportunity for writers to create more branching movies in the Conjuring universe.

Seeing the movie itself, you can see that Dauberman has vastly improved in the storytelling department. It’s more evident in the movie’s cinematography composed of sweeping camera movements, use of eerie space, and paired with unnerving images and scenes that can keep you awake scene after scene. You will be scared by the atmosphere of the movie itself, unlike others who only rely on jump scares and loud music.


  • Annabelle Comes Home is the perfect end to the series’ trilogy. Despite having a bad start with the first movie, it gradually became better over time, and the improvements are there. If you’re having doubts about seeing this movie because of its predecessor’s lack of success, then it’s time to give it a try and see it for yourself.