One of Luc Besson’s secrets of getting commercial movie success is to portray ladies in a bad-ass fashion kicking ass in the most action way as possible. There is no doubt that the director’s massive space operatic flop the “Valerian And the City Of A Thousand Planets” was poorly received by critics and moviegoers alike. However, the tables have turned with his latest 2019 action film “Anna” which was highly received worldwide thanks to its sticking-to-its-roots formula that Besson is known for.


  • Anna was Sasha Luss’ first movie that has her as the leading role. The film is about a ruthless woman who worked as a model, and at the same time, a spy from the Russian Government. She was portrayed as a lady that lived a hard life despite its high-demanding occupations. Things start to fire up as CIA agent Lenny Miller, portrayed by Cillian Murphy, follows her every move. The movie has its good points, paired with an ample amount of time-travel twists, which makes it kind of repetitive.

Haven’t you heard that plot before? Yes, you did. And it did share some similarities with last year’s massive hit the “Red Sparrow.” However, Anna is not a complete copycat of such. Anna even began production months before the Red Sparrow hit the big screen. But the comparisons from those who have seen both movies are unavoidable.

But as you’ve noticed, Anna hasn’t been marketed well compared to other ass-kicking female-led movies. This is because Besson has been hit with sexual assault allegations while the film is being made, hence the lack of marketing for the movie itself. There is a saying that one should separate the art from its creator. But in the case of Besson and its controversy, it looks like splitting the two is a terrible idea. However, this doesn’t stop the movie from hitting theatres. And the allegations were dismissed because of lack of evidence.

Taking a look at Anna, you will see Besson’s style of directing action movies. Sharp sound effects, over the top cinematography as a lot of action is going on the screen, combined with impressive set pieces, what’s not to love? But it all comes down to the storytelling department, where it can be hard for some to separate what’s real and what’s not. Anna’s story is intentionally jumbled paired with complex connections in between that can make it really hard to understand what’s going on. It may be impressive for some, but can be frustrating for others.

One of the movie’s selling points is their lead actress Sasha Luss. She has done an impressive job in portraying the character, which makes the movie her stepping stone to becoming big in the film industry. However, because of the controversy that surrounds its director, it seems like a thing in the past for now.

One of the best set piece in the movie is where Anna was shown in scenes in her modeling career and then transitions into her weapon-wielding action as she kicks-ass of her opponents. Both perspectives are then spliced into footages that transition back and forth, making it an eye-candy. It’s actually fun to look at. And it’s a big thumbs up to Besson’s directing skills for executing that scene very well.

Verdict Anna was such an ambitious film which is unfortunately shadowed by the director’s controversy. If only the allegations didn’t happen, Anna would have been successful in the financial department on the big screen. And also, Besson’s comeback in the film industry as wel