The duo from Thor: Ragnarok (Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson) are back at it again with another movie that looks promising on paper because of the choice of cast, and of course, its name that we haven’t heard for a while. But in reality, it’s a rather huge disappointment especially for the sake of the MIB series.

It’s not about the cast, but it’s about the storyline that doesn’t make any sense is what destroyed the movie right from the beginning. Both Chris and Tessa are brave enough to handle a script like this that features multiple locations across the globe (hence the international monicker) — giving the series a fresh take from before that focuses only on New York City.

It’s sad to think that a movie series that was filled with alien action in an extraterrestrial environment that was fun to watch turned into a lackluster implementation just to meet today’s standards of comedic-action story writing.


  • The story starts with Molly, portrayed by Jessa Thompson, who witnessed that her parents are neutralized by the Men in Black in such a young age. She swears that she will unearth what the secret organization is all about when she gets older. As time goes by, her plans succeeded and eventually became Agent M and were then partnered with Agent H (Hemsworth) to do globe-trotting missions together.

This is where the movie starts to get off track when both of them are partnered together. The story has put both of them in situations hoping to create a chemistry that can carry the audience through. There are times where it became effective, but this kind of approach is a snooze-fest, especially for those people yearning for more in-depth character development.

Men in Black: International is a big budget movie, but there are times where it felt rather cheap, and it shows. For example, the scene where they are dropped in the middle of a dessert. The scene looks filmed on a little sandbox that can be found in your backyard (of course I’m exaggerating, but you get the point).

There was also a flaw in Hemsworth’s character as well. Early in the movie, he was shown in a scene that can turn into a huge plot twist in the end. However, the essence of such “twist” is gone, especially when it’s already self-evident enough not to know. Shown in the rest of the movie is Hemsworth’s comedic approach, which gets repetitive and bland. He was portrayed as a terrible agent that doesn’t deserve a place in the MIB, but this was done on purpose for the sake of laughs.

Thompson’s character is quite the opposite though. She was portrayed as a woman that screams attitude overload, which acts more mature than Hemsworth. Notice a pattern here? Women were portrayed as strong and sassy, while men are the ones who are weak and bland? It sounds like feminism had done its finest again.


  • Men in Black: International features a strong duo that is shadowed by terrible storyline. It’s like they only rely on the characters alone and throw in a lackluster story hoping that it’ll save the franchise. If a sequel is planned anytime soon in the hands of a different screenwriter and filmmaker, then let’s hope that they will do it right instead of this abomination we got.