The first installment of the Toy Story series has received massive success in its time. This is because it’s the first full-length film that is fully 3D animated. It’s surprising back then how technology can handle such a thing which gave a wow factor to all audiences. As time goes by, a couple of sequels have been released. And it seems like Toy Story 3 is the final nail to the coffin. But the tables have turned the moment Toy Story 4 was announced.

Of course, Disney/Pixar had outdone their selves once again on surprising people with unexpected sequels. This fresh installment of Toy Story introduces new characters while retaining its comical story that can put kids and also, adults entertained throughout the entire film, which makes Toy Story 4 the best “Toy Story” to date.


  • Toy Story 4 begins a couple of years after Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys are re-homed to their new owner Bonnie. The scene shows a road trip of the young girl worrying about how her kindergarten life would be. This led to various events that introduce a new character Forky, voiced by Tony Hale, who’s gone AWOL on vacation. Woody is also reunited with Bo Beep, voiced by Annie Potts, which then led to their spectacular adventure of a lifetime.

Toy Story 4 is just like the same good ol’ Toy Story that features a comical storyline that most Pixar movies are known for. Although sounding repetitive, but at least it still entertains children as well as adults that can give good laughs.

The strongest point of the movie is the relationship between Woody and Bo Beep, where their separation played a vital role in the story’s narrative. The chemistry between the two is also built-up to heighten the drama, especially when scenes are shown on what happened in their separation in the form of a flashback.

But it doesn’t end there, since this is a new Toy Story movie, it also means “new” toys to love. Such example is Duke Kaboom, which is voiced by Keanu Reeves, and Duck/Bunny, which are voiced by Keegan Micheal-Key and Jordan Peele. Not to mention, the new villain named Gabby Gabby which is voiced by Christina Hendricks. The character was very well portrayed, which is a mixed bag of kindness and menace that will make you feel love for her, and at the same time, hate.

Toy Story 4 teaches you how to let go of things, which is also the same thing for the third installment of the series. What’s different is that it’s very well portrayed in this movie compared to its predecessor — making it the perfect finale to end the quadrilogy.


  • Disney/Pixar can still expand the series whenever they want. But as far as what we’ve seen, Toy Story 4 is already perfect enough as an ending of the era. But we never know, taking this with a pinch of salt, maybe they will surprise us with another installment anytime soon because of the success of Toy Story 4. Summing it up. Toy Story 4 is enjoyable for both youngsters and young at heart.