Chucky is among one of the most famous horror icons, particularly during the 70’s or ’80s. Back then, monsters, villains, or whatever you name them has badly-created movies that would put people to sleep on theatres instead of scaring them. However, it’s a different story for our most beloved horror doll.

Our deranged serial killer toy has been written by different writers for years on the franchise. All portraying a silly doll that loves to kill people. Despite its silly nature that could make you cackle a bit while being scared, Chucky is still the undisputed king of horror icons compared to other big names such as Freddy on Nightmare on Elm’s Street or Jason from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The franchise made Chucky a consistent icon in the pop culture for decades thanks to its original creator Don Mancini. However, things have started to changed direction this 2019 with the absence of Mancini. This resulted in a reboot of the franchise that focuses on our current technology to build Chucky’s character. Although it sounds bad on paper, seeing the movie itself was a breath of fresh air.


  • Taking a look at the narrative side of things, Chucky was remade in the eyes of director Klevberg and writer Tyler Burton Smith. Chucky is one of the products that are made by the Kaslan Corp that are designed to interact with people and control home-based technologies. Much like Cortana or Alexa in the form of a doll. Among all of the dolls being made by the corp, Chucky is one of the “glitchier” types of them all.
  • Because of its defective nature, Chucky was returned to the company and fell into the hands of Karen Baclay, portrayed by Aubrey Plaza, that works on a big-box store. Karen successfully stole the doll and gave it to her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) as a gift. As time goes by, Andy and Chucky became close friends that it came to the point where the two of them are like glued together. However, things start to go down because of software malfunctioning that turned Chucky from a loving doll into a killing machine that needs to be stopped.

The reboot isn’t trying hard to be deep, unlike other horror movies. There are also times where it felt dragging at some points, but this doesn’t mean that the movie is terrible in some sorts anyway. Packed with an ample amount of kill sequences paired with Mark Hamill’s spectacular performance, the 90-minute feature film will make you feel satisfied once you leave the theatre.

One of the strongest points of the franchise is Chucky’s cute appearance that contrasts its killing nature, which is most evident in its past movies. It lessened down to this 2019 reboot, however, and Chucky looks way creepier instead of cute. However, the highlight of the film is Chucky’s creativity in using the environment, or whatever he can find, in killing people. What was once an ordinary boiling room will turn into a place of horror in a matter of minutes.


  • If you’re an avid fan of the franchise, then you’re probably doubting by now whether to spend a few bucks in watching the movie or just let it go. Namely, because the film itself has no connection with Chucky’s original creator Don Mancini. But if you put all these negative feelings aside, you will definitely appreciate Chucky in its new form. Thanks to its outstanding cast paired with a fun cinematic experience that will make you hold on to your chair, Child’s Play (2019) deserves a spot on your movie bucket list.

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