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Babe, Pig in the City (1997)

Neal Scanlan, shared the Visual Effects Oscar® for Babe for his fine animatronic renditions of the animal characters, and was one of the first to attend the Babe reunion in Sydney. This time around he headed up his own Neal Scanlan Studio group, comprising of a specialist team from London and local Australian designers. The Studio was located in Sydney from January 1997 until June 1998, the first seven months were spent at the workshop in Leichhardt for the design and build of the Babe II characters. Then the service crew settled itself at the Sydney Showgrounds site for an intense ten months of filming, travelling briefly to Robertson for location work.

Release dates

USA: 25 Nov 1998
Singapore: 27 Nov 1998
UK:  4 Dec 1998
Australia: 10 Dec 1998
Brazil: 15 Jan 1999
Germany: 28 Jan 1999
Denmark: 29 Jan 1999
Sweden: 29 Jan 1999

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