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The Performance Animation Controller (PAC).
Performance Animation Controller

The PAC is the umbilical cord between the performer and the animatronic character. Ergonomically designed input devices, convey signals from the fingers, hands and wrists which are arranged by the PAC into a delicately orchestrated group of electronic commands. These signals instruct the motors that provide the movement and expressions of the animatronic character. This ballet of movement happens in real time, responding immediately to new direction.

The PAC has many performance options and can record and playback the exact action of a previous rehearsal or take. Sections of a recording can be re- recorded or played live. A further feature of the PAC allows the performance of computer graphic images.

Adding a PAC editor to the system allows the performer to revisit the movements of any one motor and through a graphical interface re- adjust it's position throughout the entire recorded performance. Lip synchronisation and all other movement can be tuned to perfection using the PAC editor.

The PAC represents the most advanced and versatile form of animatronic manipulation and performance available to film makers today.